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Default New: Attribute Reset Scroll

well, it seems you can reset first 5 attribute points with xymerin

Current changes (Test server)

Version: 1.0.5 (Date: 2009/3/28)


- New: Gems can't be taken if the realm gate is not broken.
- New: When a pet is tamed or a creature is summoned, a pet control panel and a health/mana indicator appear.
· Commands: Leave, Stay, Follow, Attack, Assist, Defend target.
- New: When a realm gate is becomes vulnerable, archers appear in the gate towers and a Guard Captain and normal guards in front of the gate.
· The maximum of guards is of 15 (3 captains and 12 normal guards.)
· The amount of guards depends on the difference of connected users in that moment between the invader and invaded realm.
- Fixed: Realm gate counters get synchronized when the second is broken, for them to reappear at the same time.
- Modified: Power cooldowns are saved between sessions (they only advance when the user is in the world.)
- Modified: Freezing powers cause their objectives to stop their animation.
- Modified: The following powers are not checking for obstacles: Major Healing, Mana Communion, Protection Dome, Static Field, Mana Pylon, Heroic Presence, Deflecting Barrier, Shield Wall and Stars Shield.
- Modified: The power Trip is now called Kick and has a new animation.
- Modified: The power Camouflage now provides a piercing damaging bonus in the first performed attack under its effect.

- New: Animation of all trees and bushes excluding dry ones.
- New: Animation of signs, flags and war banners.
- New: Special attack animation for the warrior with a one-handed hammer.
- New: Animation set for the warrior with two-handed spears.
- New: Animation set for the warrior with two-handed hammers.
- New: Alsius initiation zone quests.
- Updated: Throw Kiss animation for female characters.
- Modified: The world map now contains more information and features.
· Gem status.
· Realm gate status.
· Adjustable zoom.
· Textual information of important locations.
- Modified: Substantial enhancement to graphical aspects of Alsius initiation zone.

- Modified: Administrator and developer chat lines will appear with an orange tag and with a light green text.
·Eg: [DEV] Character: Hello world!

- New: Attribute Reset Scroll.
· Only for the 5 initial points when the character is created.
· Utghar race characters will receive a free scroll due to the reduction of the 5 basic point bonus in exchange for helmet usability.

- Modified: Area powers processing optimizations.
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