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Default The first 5 attribute points

I'm sure this isn't the first time this has been mentioned, and i'm sure it won't be the last. Your first 5 attribute points, personally i feel that i made a mistake on where i placed them, and i know i'm not alone.
The only easy "fix" to give us a chance to place our points where we want them is to make a scroll to do wich (giving us a list of our current points without any bonus' and then giving us the option to place 5 points where we want.) (also don't give me anything about "you had the chance when you were lvl 1" well at lvl 1 and first starting the game..i mean c'mon. give me a break.

ideas are an attribute scroll, maybe a gender chance scroll or even as far as a race change scroll. Comming from a lvl 50 as myself, you've put so much time into something only to regret something in the end.

It's just an idea so tell me what you think.

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