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You can look here ->


Once you have chosen kingdom, race and class you have five points to distribute in the character´s attributes. Once in the game, the attributes earned when we level up will be distributed automatically, there is no way to assign this points by ourselves.

* Strength
The strength is the major attribute for warriors. The stronger you are, the more damage is delivered in hand to hand combat and you can carry more weight.

* Constitution
This is a major attribute for all classes, but more important for the warrior classes. Constitution increases your hit points

* Dexterity
The major attribute for archers, they deliver more damage the higher their dexterity. It also increases the chances of hitting for all classes.

* Concentration
Increases the hit chances of all weapons and classes.

* Intelligence
The major attribute for mages, it increases the mana and the damage mages make with staffs.
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