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Default Guide - The week of the dead

Level required : 30

1º Adventure - "A matter of life or death"

Go to Montsognir, Altaruk or Fisgael and talk with Ursor, Saniur or Mauro

They will send you to speak with Osfrid Strongwill (Birka), Isebih (Medenet) or Idice Morningstar (Raeraia). You will need to find some Blood glass at Thorkul's rage, East desert coast or Mount passages.

Go back with Osfrid Strongwill, Isebih or Idice Morningstar and to finish the quest speak with Baldrik Hammerstriker, Daracan or Ancalimon Jadescribe

2º Adventure - "The zombie King"

Talk again with Baldrik Hammerstriker, Daracan or Ancalimon Jadescribe.

He will send you to the Great wall and to find the zombie king (war zone).

Once he die you can open his chest to get some obscure death essence, that you need to end this quest with your noble (Baldrik Hammerstriker, Daracan or Ancalimon Jadescribe)

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