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makarios68 will become famous soon enough

i got hit by a marks once from long range and took almost 1500 dmg.

for my hunter to get anywhere near that kinda dmg (rep shot) i have to get so close i can smell their breath.

then there's that lightning strike thingy - around a 1000 dmg area 10 and slow everyone down.

if there is a class that's overpowered at the mo its marks.

i suppose there's the consolation that we all have them on our side.

and i'm not sure what should be done about it - coz if marks were nerfed people would complain that another class was overpowered, and on it would go.

And by the way, when will it be the turn of the hunter to be overpowered? The RP rankings must be at least some indication of success - and how many hunters you see there?

The new knight spell which takes away control of pets is not going to help this.
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