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You have to be sentenced to death, snake bite "only" does a first damage of 500 and 10 damages of 100, and for what i know the -% resistance skills are not working.

And trust me he is not bugged, he has a lot of items with +dex (or at least thats what he told to me :P) and that are normal damages of his marksman, i copied some of my spec from that guy and it works pretty fine. I nearly do that damages but in a knigth i need at least death sentence to do it.

And i really dont get why you say "thats not possibly in a fort war". With 3 marksman, one choose the objective, one throws death sentence and the other just follow them, with some organization mages get killed before they know they are in range. The 25 range of death sentence is not a problem with the evasion skills and only one marksman has to get near, the others just keep their range.
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