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Originally Posted by BlooD
Yeah i am sick too of people who only say "stop whinning we are fine".
If you think you are marksman is not overpowered please tell us why, I think we give enough reasons but you only give "blablabla whinning blalbabla grow up" and shit like that.

I am waiting for it, just tell me where are the weak points of a markmans in RvR.
Share with us your mature wisdom.
Well, lets not get cocky blood; something you seem to do quite often. I think that marksmen with a full damage setup are not really overpowered because they can only get evasion to 11 or so; maybe 15 with sacrificing long bow some. Ok Mr. Goat, I agree that evasion should be toned down some, but if you want to start being cocky and arrogant I can be right back. Bring it on, 0h and next time I see u in game your dead. :P
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