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No he is right, i start to feel so too.
Weak proofs are given, false comparisons are done, its like in a yellow Paper. I planned to make a big comparision of all classes in comparision to Marks in situation 1v1 party v party and a war situation, but i will do it when the time of real discussion is come and the Devs start to tell about their plans. the rest is waste here.
Some thinks to start thinking over who wants..
eg. mana importance and supply wasnt mentioned, the importance of controlling and supporting spells of mages(eg. mana tree,yes sultar and mod is a supporting spell..) and barbs (whole warcries eg) and knights( look them up theyre awesome..) in comparision to archers. kinds of areaspells in general, Health and mana values, Different Defenses in comparision, Range dependent possibilities of classes and many more what takes pages to try a objectiv comparison.

Im not totally sure if some changes wouldnt bring better balance (if there is an unbalance..). Therefore we needed a real comparision with including evrything, not only some parts..
But im totally sure that making conclusions out of this kind of discussion is totally wrong.
Its like in a yellowpaper.
Fix the Marksman subclass: Suggestion
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