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Default We Are Task Force Night Sky


0014 Ordered by Daracan to report to Yermen for training and Agnor for weapons briefing.

0034 Training completed, weapons are as follows;

19 Staff Mastery
17 Mental
19 Mana Control
11 Life
19 Sourcery

0105 Weapons briefing completed, headed for main gate per orders.

0106 Informed that mission briefing will be taking place at Menirah Fortress, designated Ignis 2 (I2). Proceeded N-NW from main gate.

0111 Arrived at I2; no resistance encountered. Met up with ranged units Terekon and Surfacing, and representitive of Ignis Intelligence (I.I.) Vythica.

0113 Briefing ends, mission is as follows; Classic scoop-and-move; downed friendly (Smoke) in enemy territory, unable to extract from area S-SW of Aggersborg Fortress, code named Alsius 2 (A2). Smoke has intel vital to us, and as such, MUST make it back alive. Ranged units to provide suppressive fire if needed (subject to higher approval), I.I. along for recon and additional firepower. It is believed that the enemy will be otherwise engaged defending A2 from Syrtis advance units. Additional friendly units at Menirah-Imperia bridge (Hells Gate 4, or HG4) for holding purposes. We are designated Task Force Night Sky (TFNS). Mission designation is Operation Side Step.

0147 En route to HG4. Enemy archer detected, but unable to engage due to the slow moving nature of TFNS.

0156 Met up with additional units at HG4 (Naenia, Van, Llayne, and our Alsius infomant, code named Benedict; further information not available to TFNS). Benedict informs us that Syrtis units have been attempting to gain control of A2, as a prelude to an invasion attempt.

0158 Called in for permission to cross HG4; told to hold our position.

0203 Permission granted to depart; start the clock on Operation Side Step. TFSN departs HG4, heading S-SW towards a position behind A2.

0207 I.I. reports heavy fighting at A2.

0211 Reached position behind A2. Alsius and Syrtis units still fighting for control of fortress. Call in for additional support; request denied. Told to move task force to SW of A2 and meet up with Smoke. Moving out.

0213 Task force was able to cross path without being seen. Downed friendly not yet found. Continuing SW.

0215 Alsius units Ultimate and Ice Cube spot us, undoubtedly called in our position to their friendlies. TFNS calls in for permission to engage; request granted.

To be continued...maybe.

Authors note; I've been struggling with this for a while. Seeing how well received most Horus stories have been, I wanted to do one, too. Unfortunately, story writing has never been a skill I possess. I remembered an old adage; write what you know, and if there is anything I know, it's combat logs and after action reports.

This timeline has been stopped here for now. I do have more story, but it turned out to be a lot longer than I thought it would. Also, this is an opportunity to see if this story structure is going to fly. If it works, I'll continue posting additions here. Thanks for reading!
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