Supported video cards

Regnum Online supports a wide range of video cards.
The following cards have been tested succesfully with the game:

ATI video cadrs
- ATI Radeon 7500
- Recommended: ATI Radeon Series 9500 or superior

nVidia video cards
- nVidia GeForce Series
- Recommended: nVidia GeForce Series 6x00, 7x00, 8x00

The following cards are still on a experimental stage. This means that we still didn't have the chance to test them properly. You could possibly play with these cards but there maybe glitches or unexpected crashes in some cases:

- S3 Unichrome/Delta Chrome (on-board and off-board versions)
- Intel 845/915/945/965 (on-board)
- Intel GMA 950/3000 (on-board)
- Matrox Parhelia
- XGI Volari/V3/V5/V8/Duo
- SIS Xabre

The following cards are not supported and there probably will never work with Regnum Online:

- nVidia TNT Series
- ATI Radeon 7200 and previous (i.e.: Rage)
- Intel 815 and previous
- Trident Blade 3D
- SIS old video cards


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