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Default Gawyn's Horus stories

I was orgionally thinking to maybe try to make a horus based comic for RO but seeings i cant hold a candle to Piz, I've chickened out and decided to write short stories ^^.

I must stress these interpritations of people are purely guesswork i dont know everyone in them well enough to make an acurate depiction of their personality so i just gave them a character personality entirely made up by me to be interesting in the story. I mean no offence to anyone in these stories and i am deeply sorry if anyone is caused offence.

here is one i wrote a long time ago and is more of a Pilot if you will.

The cold Stone floor wrang as Kurakoons boots walked across the floor of Shaanrid Castle
'How dare he "summon" me' his footsteps quickened rage propelling him to the throne room of the so called 'King of Ignis'.

He approached a pair of heavy gilded doors and deftly threw both of them open, with a loud boom they hit the sides of the wall sending brick and dust to the floor. Kurakoons step didnt falter though and he marched up to to the throne 'What do you want Efrendi'.

Silence in the chamber not a sound until Kurakoon felt a snap of a spear butt in the back of his knee forcing him down onto one. Kurakoon looked up to see Kalida 'Kneel before our king,' her heavily tattoed face made him think that she was never beautiful.

the tyrant on the throne spoke his voice sounded as though laced with oil each word slimey and decrepid, 'Kurakoon always thinking above your station' he put his hands into a tent below his eyes menacing intent glew in them 'There is a traitor amongst us one of the barbarians of our great nation. One of the Barbarians under your command'

Kurakoon knew this he glared at efrendi 'Gallas merely desserted he knew nothing of Military importance' Efrendis gauntleted fist smacked kurakoons cheek, Kurakoon tasted blood in his mouth 'You let one of our barbarians get away without executing him!?'

Kurakoon was infuriated he stood and laced his voice with sarcasm 'How would you wish me to deal with this problem my Leige maybe i should send an army into the forest of Syrtis and sacrifice good soldiers again to sate your thirst for the blood of our soldiers!?'

Kurakoon stood and Efrendi glanced at Kalida but she was too slow, Kurakoon caught the spear and snapped it he brought a fist into her face and she hit the floor unconsious

Efrendi was up and kicked kura to the floor his Sword in hand he roared and it filled the hall he suddenly seemed to be enveloped in flame a barbarians rage as Efrendi brought his huge sword down, Kurakoon rolled and unsheathed his own massive sword his own roar shattering the stain glass window behind the throne.

Steel wrang against Steel and guards flooded the throne room from the entrance and hidden passages, still they fought their rage emcompassing the entire hall. Kurakoon feinted a deceptive swing sending Efrendi off balance, he hit Efrendi then with a glancing blow that opened a massive cut on his arm. Efrendi dropped his blade kura kicked it aside, he went for the finsihing blow on Efrendi but saw kalida back on her feet and preparing her own.

Kurakoon parried the ripost and thrust his blade neatly through her chest and out the other side, he kicked her off and turned to Efrendi.

Efrendi was already up and had a mace, before kurakoon could do anything he was hit accross the face he felt his Rage giving power slip away into nothingness as Efrendi hit him with another blow and another and another before he slipped out of consiousness he heard Efrendi say 'You where called here for an execution..... yours.' Everything went black.

Kurakoon felt groggy when he woke but he was careful not to open his eyes, he was naked he realised that instantly. A man with a booming voice read from a partchment he could hear it rustling Kura realised something else, he was inside something he opened his eyes still darkness he pushed against the darkness it wouldnt give he knew then he was in a coffin.

'We are Gathered here today to witness the passing of a villian of trecherous nature a murderer and a would be assassin of the king.' Somewhere in the crowd people cried 'Lies...' and 'Lord Kurakoon would never do such a thing unprovoked.' Kura strained against the darkness pushing with his full might, nothing budged there where more nails in this coffin than what should have been and it was stuck down with tar too.

Kurakoon roared loud again, there where horrified gasps from the people. 'He is still alive!! GET HIM OUT OF THERE' the people cried but the voice carried on over the shouts of the igneans. 'So we cast this traitor off of proud Ignis into the churning sea off shaanrid cliffs.' The crowd was in a rage now, he heard the simultanious sound of hundreds of swords being unsheathed by guards around his coffin the rage ceased in an instant, Efrendi spoke 'I choose this man to die and anyone who disagrees may join him!'

Kurakoon with his rage punched a hole through the coffin lid and started to rip at the lid. Efrendi kicked the bottom of the coffin and Kurakoon fell deep into the waters below. The coffin smashed on its way down on the cliffs Kurakoon bashed his head against the rock and hit the water hard.


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