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Default Issues with Transfer

I am an old Horus (Haven) player with multiple level 60s on my account. I have not played Regnum in many years, but would like to come back and play, and I understand that is going to require a transfer to Ra for me.

I am currently having two problems.

1) When I login to Regnum site > Account > Characters, I am only seeing 1 of my characters (level 60 Marks). I know I have a level 60 Barb on this account as well and maybe some others. I would like these characters found and transfered.

2) When I tried to transfer the Level 60 Marksman to Ra, I get the following error : "ct_error_unknown". Can anyone let me know what this means and what I can do to get the transfer to work. I thought it could have been a Java error or something, so I tried multiple different browsers with the same result.

I have already created a ticket, but have not received any responses, so looking to forums for assistance.

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