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Default Absurd crashes since New Fort Update

I've spoken to a lot of players, and mostly those in MacOS or Linux are experiencing terrible client instability since the new fort update.

We used to have solved this problem by disabling weapon trails and arrow trails, and that fixed our crashes.

Well now, since the fort update, we crash like mad.

I updated my new drivers less than a day ago and still same crashes occur. There was some RO Client update today in the evening sometime and it seems that only made it worse.

I've noticed something too, all of these crashes occur within visual sight of one of the new fort buildings.

Methinks there are some terrible memory leaks within these new forts, and I'd not want to speculate on how to fix them only it's crashing so much (as much as 2-3 times every 15 minutes), it's becoming increasingly maddening.

I'm going to send a crash report each time this happens, hopefully someone notices and takes action.
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