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Originally Posted by Dark-Void View Post
I tried alot of other games but nothing came close to what it felt like in this game.


I was never going to write this and don't know if there will be much readers, the admins even read it or not but You guys have made a great game. Don't ruin it. It may be too late but there is always a solution. Take idea from players and give them what they really want. I would love to start playing again if there would be a decent number of players and i'm sure there are hundreds like me who feel the same.
I've been here and there in this game. Played all three realms at one point or another.

The first time I logged in was 2010, I think, on the Raven server, when Serp was the head GM of... what company was that, anyway? Forsaken invited me into their guild, and then the merger happened (Raven + Horus. Disaster).

And when I logged into RA because Haven's population was down to 8 players on my friends list, and I saw that RA was where Haven had been five years prior. And, now, that trend has continued. RA is now about where Haven was several years ago. Every once in a while, a bunch of people log in. Invasions happen when nobody's home on the other side.

But I've taken time away from this game for over eight months. I've been playing GW2, and their World vs World mode is a lot of fun. It resembles CoR in many ways, but it's got, you know, players. And siege engines. And.. well... players. Strategy. Tactics. And... players. How did they do that? I dunno.

I like CoR. I really do. But without more players, it's just another game. The players make the game playable.
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