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Ok, Rosey, just for you, bruh, one at a time...

Originally Posted by Roseythorns View Post
...was 2010, I think, on the Raven server, when Serp was the head GM of... what company was that, anyway?
FYI: (*=your answer)

NGD ran Ra, & Horus.
Gamigo AG leased Muspell, Niflheim, & Nemon.
UnitedGames leased Tyr.
GameSamba* leased Raven (2011?).
BoaCompra leased Piranha.

Muspel + Niflheim = Valhalla now.
Horus + Tyr + Raven + Nemon = Haven now.
Ra + Piranha = Ra now.

Originally Posted by Roseythorns View Post
...Forsaken invited me into their guild, and then the merger happened (Raven + Horus. Disaster)...
Yup, that is when multi-realming on Horus (now, Haven) went from being the gameplay exception, to being the rule instead, & the current way-of-things.

Originally Posted by Roseythorns View Post
...RA is now about where Haven was several years ago. Every once in a while, a bunch of people log in. Invasions happen when nobody's home on the other side...
Yup, & that is mostly due to two factors at play: 1) the aforementioned multirealming ofc, & 2) the simple fact that it takes at the very least 2-or-3 to 1 odds to successfully invade due to CoR's invasion mechanics.

Originally Posted by Roseythorns View Post
I've been playing GW2, and their World vs World mode is a lot of fun. It resembles CoR in many ways, but it's got, you know, players. And siege engines. And.. well... players. Strategy. Tactics. And... players. How did they do that? I dunno...
How? (I'm repeating what I've heard here) They have various pools of players. Over time, they rate these player pools as an entire realm by their gameplay skills/results. Periodically, they do reviews, & may shift one realm pool up to a 'better' server, or down to one that's 'worse'. Those that lose population, they bolster with those new players entering the game, or those requesting server transfers. This overall process in theory is designed to maintain a reasonably fair balance of both realm populations & realm competitiveness within each server.

Originally Posted by Roseythorns View Post
...I like CoR. I really do. But without more players, it's just another game. The players make the game playable.
Ditto ... yet the players can also make the game UNplayable

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