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Default Amun open!

Changelog 1.25

- Removed: Soul Monger's instance Stone Altars.
- Added: Special Actions in Soul Monger's instance. These actions are charged and can be used when fully charged.
Heroic Redemption: Damages the Soul Monger.
Anti Necromagic Storm: Damages the Urn.
- Added: Counter of time left for the Soul Monger instance.
- Modified: Calculation of Soul Monger difficulty level given the amount of players in the instance.
- Modified: Zombies don't recover the Soul Monger's health with the damage they make.
- Modified: Zombies are now spawned directly by the Soul Monger.
- Modified: Soul Monger's Urn now drains health per second until it's destroyed.
- Modified: Anti Necromagic Rocks now charges the second Special Action for the Soul Monger's instance.
- Fixed: Aura spells were causing aggression in dynamic objects that were not of the proper categories.
- Fixed: Errors with the Treasure Chest in some occasions.
- Fixed: Premium armor not being able to be fused.
- Added: Premium Realm Elite Armour helmets, hats and shields.

Known issues :
- Some premium hats still can't be fused, working on fixing them as well.

Changelog 1.25 rc3
- Added: Red Necromancer Crystal. This item adds 5 skillpoints for 30 days when crafted. To craft it you will need a recipe that can be obtained in the Soul Monger's chest. Recipe can be sold in the Auction House.

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