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Originally Posted by Gringot View Post
Hi all,
I recently change my linux box (I'm running Debian 8) and I now have a new GC : Firepro W2100.
I'm now facing to an issue : I don't have anymore the water rendered.
It was already discussed here in late 2015 about Mesa/OpenGL regarding the lack of water texture on CoR and finally a ticked was opened and closed as NotOurBug (see Bug 93114 - No water rendered in CoR ).
Anyone could tell me if there is any solution to resolve my issue or if someone is using the same graphic card without that issue ?
I'm not familiar with textures and graphic cards behaviors and I'm unable to ask support from NGD. (NGD support site seems not working for a long time and I can't connect anymore even after change my password)
Thanks for any help or any command that could illuminate the path
I used to have the same issues with ATI/AMD card years ago. I threw it into trash and bought nvidia.
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