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Default Keyboard problem

Dear NGD,
  • Keyboard locks up sometimes with except to enter button that changes its behavior and works like triggers alt+enter window/full-screen mode instead. Other keys just trigger screenshot.
  • Happens to all in-game friends I asked who use GNU/Linux
  • Restarting game does not cause problem to go away, only reboot

Although this seems hard to reproduce, it keeps happening over and over.
Although it seems like not a game problem, as only reboot fixes this. All other games work just fine, even after this problem occurs in Regnum. Also all programs work just fine.

I think Regnum messes something up with keyboard on Xserver side and maybe other programs don't freak out because of that. I don't know, but this seems to happen only with Regnum and only reboot fixes this.

Help would be appreciated. Anyone on forum encountered this ?
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