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Regnum has problem with non-us like keyboard layouts since first release. Numbers above letters don't work if they are written with shift key on your keyboard layout - regnum client won't detect them correctly and you have to switch to us-like layout. This is caused by not using keycodes for this, but keysyms, which is wrong. For keyboard bindings, only kecodes should be used. keysyms should only be used for text input, but only when you don't want to support composed characters. For correct composition, you need X input context and feed it the key events.

Key also sometimes get stuck - the client thinks they are pressed, while you released them long ago. This mainly happens when you press several keys at once, while using the mouse and modifier keys (such as shift + spell key + turning key and clicking something). it is more or less random and hard to reproduce, but it happens.

If you have multiple keyboard layouts defined (at least under KDE), the client only works if you switch to the default layout. For secondary layouts, it won't process the key events correctly and do random stuff.

I a thread regarding visual bugs in opengl engine, NGD stated the linux client and its bugs are not their priority, which is sad.
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