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Originally Posted by _Lutz_ View Post
$ ldd -v /usr/local/regnum/rolauncher
not a dynamic executable

I have 2 pc, here.. with fedora, 29 and 30, regnum don't start.
the fedora 29, is not a fresh installation, I upgraded system since fedora 26 and worked till 28
the pc with fedora 30, it's fresh install on nvme (i had ssd with fedora 28), the theme is dark breeze (kde), i tryed on gnome with adwaita (default), no success also

to play i need to plug old ssd card with fedora 28.. sad

I see, can you try
strace  -o strace.log -Tfe trace=openat,open ./rolauncher
, put it to i.e. pastebin and put a link here or in a pm? Maybe we can find out what its trying to load just before it crashes.
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