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Default Dropped in the deep end

So there I was, a newbie to MMO, with a few days questing under my belt with
a Lvl14-ish Conjurer in the Syrtis realm on the Haven server. Just another day
in Fisgael, running around questing when I stumble across someone battling
something just outside the city. So I stop and watch. Is he running? Yes he

A perfect opportunity to test out this recently acquired Heal spell. Target
and cast! Damn, on horseback. Dismount. Target and... Oh he's already
dead. Sorry to whoever that was.

Back to the questing. Ooh, another fight. Race on over and lob a few Heals
and missiles. Join up and repeat a few times, then go our separate ways,
with me still trying to work out how "chat" works.

Wandering though the city and this other guy plops a buff on me. Hey, that
was nice. "Wonder what that was for?" I enquired to no-one.

"Hey, what's that stuff about the wall gate?" I think to myself when just like
a scene out of Monty Python, an Ignus (I think) runs past and drops me as
I stood there on the side of the road reading a map.

Ah! The light finally goes on. We were being invaded.

So lots of new experiences in the one day and my head is still spinning.

Excellent fun!
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