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Questions about being a Conjurer, Masterkick? I don't know enough to know what I need to know yet! You're right about the invasion - it stepped up the excitement immediately - though I was still happy doing what I was doing up to that point.

Thanks for the buddy offer The_Pirate, I'll take you up on it!

And, apart from the veiled threat , Rising_Cold that's welcome advice.

I've just recently hit a quest where the target (Goblin Warrior Master) is more than a match for a loner. Currently, the score is about 3-2 their favour, and I'm starting to take the NPC hints to get some help more seriously.

Is there any "best way" to get a quester companion? Some place to hang out? Spam the chat? Accost strangers at every opportunity?

Now I'm off to check out all those powers that y'all suggested.

Thanks everyone!
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