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Originally Posted by Miraculix
This thread is about the teen angst of a bunch of 10-year olds who wanted to join the game and play barbs that kill in one hit,
Better pray that wasn't directed at me, but anyway, im done talking about this topic, my final thoughts on this matter:

some barbarians have gotten over the update, it always takes time, then there are those who may never get over it, barbarians have been nerfed, so I guess this should go the same way for other offensive classes,

we are just used to too much power, we hit so high, but once thats taken from us it leaves a scar, a scar which will never be forgotten, all we can do is wait for what is in store for us, offensive classes will lose attack, ( and I belive it will be restored intime ) but we will also gain more defense in coming updates.

For those who seem to fail to understand the concept, Offensive classes do not have lower defense, they have normal defense, defensive classes have normal offense, when they raise defense, you will have something inbetween, they even out but not all the way,

Now Marksman are shaking in their boots, and im sure there will be even more fire coming out of people, you have to be paitient, and stick to a reason to play the game, is you can't, well then you are at the end of your rope

Some people, infact alot of people don't listen to me, there are no sides in this game, it seems like now people are taking their control over classes to an extreme level, where its become my class is better than yours, instead of finding the good things in the game, all I see lately is complaining

well then why are you still playing? If it was something so serious, that people take time and effort to complain about what will happen, whats current, I don't see the reason for you to play the game.

we are all different levels, different ages, but we are losing sight of the game itself, right now you probably may not even be reading this, im taking my time to share my thoughts, but you may have just skipped this huge crap of words, because you are lazy, and the onloy thing you can think about is what to complain about next

If you are reading this I pray you share a similar ideal to me, thanks I put effort into this game, I contribute to what I can, I love this game, and I care about what happens, but its stupid, you are not the only one mad, I got over it, not quite, but I belive I got over it, so now I will give you advice, a friend of mine who isnt on this earth anymore always used to tell me, deal with it, one day you will be mad, then another day you will be happy as can be.

You cannot rush into these things, you sure as hell won't get anything out of it by sharing crazy thoughts into other people, because then you are even worse than what you think is bad, you ruin other people's days, as mine has been ruined this whole week, when I can get into the game, I am thankful for what ever is in store for me.

And im not talking to just Dark Duncan here, im talking to everyone that complains, but who even cares, apparently to some people im complaining, well I am complaining, thats why im ending this now. I hope a set an example for new players and older ones, and I play with that thought everyday in my head.

I doubt anyone read that, and I doubt anyone really cares... they will just contine ranting, but who am I to control people anyway, all I can do in my power is so share my thoughts and hope they catch someones attention, and spark something in thier heads.

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