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Originally Posted by gph
Miraculix you just say so because you are part of the overpowered class, I know that you like being such an Elite

PS: See you in Syrtis Miraculix (it's been a long time I haven't meet you, still going to Arena ?)
Yeah, not that often as I used to though, I hit lvl30 the other day (31 now) and wanted to check out the warzone for a while. It was fun, I still go there for a little when I'm bored of killing mobs. Maybe I should stop by the arena more often, and see how easy you can kill me

Edge, I doubt your behavior classifies as that of a standar 10-year old, I think everyone can tell those posts from, well, any post that some kind of thought has been put into it. I didn't say that we are not overpowered, which I really cant say as i'm rather new to the game. All I can say is that the way most ppl talk about marksmen, including this thread, is COMPLETELY immature. I just can't see any logic in complaining about a class' normal hits being lower than some other class' ultra-spell, that's all.
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