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Welcome to the nuts & bolts house, Yah. It pleases everybuddy in the game to see new faces in inner realm, & on forums too, regardless of realm. Ieti is SOOooo.... right. CoR's best feature by leaps & bounds (& yes, jumping exists in CoR) is the endgame Realm v Realm warzone action. It'll be awhile before you can participate in truly meaningful ways, but stick with it....

Ok, here's the Lebeau primer ('short' version):
1) Settings:
: Press o, then Controls, then UNclick the boxes there, all of them.
: Press m, then check the boxes at map's top, all of them.
: Press o, use the slider at the bottom to center your point of view.
: Under o(ptions), tinker with them & find what works best for you.
2) Leveling:
: Do your quests (green/yellow "!"). They'll get you to 36th lvl... & do not take the magnanite quests offered in your capital city, as they takes months, even years, to complete. You only have room for 5 quests at once, so don't waste 2 slots.
: After, either grind mobs, & take a realm task for a particular one (available at 2 city gates within inner realm), then once finished, take other realm tasks for the loot types that mob type dropped (which meanwhile can be stored in your character/account stashes that are accessed at merchants).
: Or don't grind, just do letter realm tasks available at your realm's warzone castle [bind at altar in city closest to warzone gate, go thru wall gate or trapdoor, use the glowy stone donut, this will teleport you to near your castle, go to castle & get a letter quest that is of high xp value, suicide (jumping from castle walls will do), resurrect back to the inner realm altar, deliver the letter, suicide again to get closer to wall, then go to wall & use tele again, etc, rinse & repeat....].
3) Advice:
: Ieti is alsoo... right about a mount, my man. Buy one. You want to ride, not walk.
: Everthing you acquire will be placed at 1st in your 1st inventory slot. Do not sell or trade your realm jewelry (obtained thru questing), or your magnanites (until you learn their trade value), & store anything you wish to keep in your 2nd-5th slots, to avoid accidental sale of such.
: Don't be shy, ask your realm mates for friendly advice & help when & as needed (most all will gladly provide, but please don't beg for gold ... heehee).
: If you choose to grind, use the best weapon you drop or acquire (you want faster speed, & higher damage bonuses, & best range if an archer). Also, use 2 deadly sight rings once you can get/use them. As well, keep your armors within 4-8 lvls of your own, & use ones that have the best physical (slash, pierce, blunt) resists (almost all mobs do physical, not elemental, damages), so you will be able to rest less, grind more, & level faster.
: is your friend (tho dated).
: has subclass descriptions (tho dated) (IGNORE those mag prices!).
: is very, VERY useful, especially the class trainer (Thanks again, Slarti!).
: shows how CoR armor/soak works (tho slightly dated).
: GL, TC, & HF!....

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