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Default horus story knock off XD

Gawyn's stories inspired me to write my own. it might not be as imaginative or expandable as his but here we go...

Dry, scorched sand crunched as Hamster of Sorrow walked through the barren desert. At first he hated the desert. But over time he grew fond of it. Even though it was a hot, dry, hell of a wasteland, it has a certain charm. As the walls of samal came into sight, he could see some of his fellow Ignis standing around just outside the door.

Dune Soldier is the first to notice him “we are headed to herb, u wanna join us?”

Dispite his name, Hamster of Sorrow’s voice is deep and loud.“Sure, I got nothing better to do”

“All right! Lets head out”

The group of ignis: warriors, archers, and mages alike start at a jog towards the large stone bridge known as PB. Just as the group leaves Samal, someone yells “ACA. HUNTER TO THE RIGHT!!”. As the group realizes what is going on, Gupt is already firing his bow at Maddie Roxs, but to no avail. Before he can loose his second arrow, Overclock kicks him in the face, knocking him backwards into the dirt. By the time the others can get over, Gupt is crushed under a meteor that E’aldorm commanded down onto his body, and Overclock is already t-bagging gupt’s dead body.

Most of the group looks over at him, disgusted, while the rest of the group is laughing too hard to care. “Kicking them lil midgets are so much fun! They look like drunk Gary Coleman when they fall over!” says Hamster of Sorrow trying to stop his uncontrollable laughter.

Southman looks around a bit confused “what was he trying to accomplish? There was no way he could have survived.”

Dune Soldier spoke as though Gupt’s antics are in some way normal. “That was his attempt at hunting.”

The group starts jogging towards PB again, as if there was no interruption. Captain Nintendo spots a figure running toward the group on the horizon. As it gets closer, he identifies it at lil hathy, wounded by an arrow that is protruding out of his arm, and running as fast as his nimble legs can carry him.

“There is about 25 gelfs on their way from PB!” lil hathy’s voice is shaky and his eyes wide. “they will be here any minute! We need to head back to Samal.” By the time he finishes his sentince, his arrow wound is already healed up due to Orimae Fionn and Maltazar’s quick spells.

The Entire group pulls an abrupt about-face and sprints back to the fort. As they arrive Oppervaaghied is standing at samal, oblivious to the oncoming syrtis force. “Hey! Whats go….” Before he can finish his sentince, Maltazar yells for him to get inside the fort, his voice steady and unfaltering yet tenor and easygoing.

As the oaken doors of the fort are bolted shut, Captain Nintendo sees the syrtain force that lil hathy foretold. “They’re here!!” The archers, warlocks, and warjurers gathered on the fort walls while the warriors and support conjurers stood together in the courtyard below. The group comes in range and archers from both groups start firing arrows as fast and accurate as they could.

Rapidshot managed to fire an arrow that found its home in the shoulder of Captain Nintendo. It impaled him and knocked him backwards off the wall, the impact makes a disgusting, bone-crushing “CRRRAAACKK”. As he hit the ground, the tip of the arrow that went through his shoulder was shoved backwards into his shoulder again, doing even more damage to the already bloody and broken shoulder. If the fall itself hadn’t killed him, the arrow, now broken and splintered inside his shoulder, surely would have. Lil hathy looks down at Captain Nintendo, looks back, ducks an incoming arrow, then fires his own into the heart of the Rapidshot. The arrow is fired with such ferocity that it cuts clean through the poor syrtain and into the foot of Tigerous behind him. The barbarian roars in pain. His foot is pinned to the ground by the arrow and bleeding profusely.

The syrtain healer sidesteps another of E’aldorm’s meteors while trying to make his way to Tigerous, who is still screaming in pain. The healer sidesteps a dying pet troll, who was shot in the eye by one of Dink’s precisely aimed arrows, the blood from the troll sprays the healer as he runs past. “We are getting decimated by just standing out here. We have to get up on the side of the fort!” He jumps over a dead warlock and finally makes his way to tigerous who is almost out of breath from his constant screaming.

Dink saw what was happening and alerts the others. “They are moving to the side of the fort and we are still outnumbered 2 to 1! We can’t hold the fort for much longer!!”
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