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Originally Posted by surak View Post

Finally! We ported Regnum to MacOSX!

You can download it from here:

There are two installers available: LITE (only includes the launcher, 3mb) and FULL (launcher + data files, 906mb)
None of them includes the game binaries as we expect to patch them frequently on this stage.

This is an experimental version. We don't have many Macs here so test it so we are releasing it to get all the possible feedback about any remaining technical issue. Some things may be broken or not work correctly but the game should be 100% playable.

Known issues:
- Character skin shader doesn't work properly on ATI HD26xx cards. Use fixed mode on these.
- Some crashes rendering the sky have been observed on ATI HD26xx.

Please report all the issues you find on this thread.

Good job guys! Now thats what i call an improvement
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