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After reading these. I decided to write my own, I hope you don't mind. There could be more, but I can put no due date on them.

A tremor split through in waves as the ground cracked open, gas and dust spewing forth like the breath of a god rising from slumber. A dark look stretches across a face observing the tragedy as stone and flesh became one and all were lost to the maelstrom made of earth and bones. Such a destructive force and such a beautiful use, how could anyone pass up the opportunity to destroy something that was once revered? The great church that once stood at the center of a once great city known as Montsognir, now swirled into oblivion with the rest of its buildings.
“In their place I shall put them all,
cast down hand in hand
Destroyed and tattered it shall be
Wasted away with its land ”
The twisted form of a dark elf stood atop the withering heights, Plunder had seen to the destruction of the Alsirian capital with ease after Efrendi and his barbarians had broken the great wall. No doubt Alsius would attempt a counter attack soon and a change of location was necessary. The Ignean hunters constantly reporting troop movements and the locations of key targets had now begun the assassinations. Many of the high ranking Alsirians would be found drained of blood and stripped of flesh, a warning to the nation to terrify and shock the enemy.
As many of the population were trying to flee the realm they found what once kept them safe now served as their demise. The great walls gate was destroyed and now lay in splinters around the wall, a line of marksmen guarded by impenetrable wall of knights now acted as a firing squad to any trying to escape the onslaught happening within. Dimera knocked another arrow and sent it through the heart of some poor Alsian soul as so many crashed against the shields of Lexen, Wes and many other knights.
Efrendi, Smurv and Kalida had been moving about as a satellite force to the main. As Smurv pulled his blood red spear from the back of yet another Uthgar, the three turned as the ground started shaking. Fire embers and ash began falling from the sky as Rhanya and La had started calling meteors down on their unaware targets. Smurv spun around locking his shield above him providing a deflecting barrier for Efrendi and Kalida. Seeing the two warlocks Efrendi had started to go into a fenzy as the meteors hit. The loud roar of the barbarians shook the mages as the barbarians charged “Leave nothing of them left!” Dirt and leaves twisted through the air spiralling around the warriors locking them in place. Kalida issued forth a mighty howl dizzying all around. Suddenly the ground shifted as overbearing skulls appeared above the party pressing them all to the ground. Ulrin had shown his slimy self yet again and after the three were able to stand again the mages had vanished. “Quickly, we must regroup with the others, do not chase these dogs” Efrendi commanded as they started back towards the gate.
The destruction of Alsius had begun to cease as Ignis began pulling out of the now battered realm. Their work here was done for now, not wanting to completely destroy the Alsirian Empire, but to let them know where they stood after the three month war against Ignis taken to their great wall. A message as it were to let them know their beloved army could no longer be organized and no more would they threaten the Ignean way of life.

Miraculix and Rulez had arrived home informing Anpu and the rest of The Inquisition of the attack on Alsius. As word spread throughout Syrtis the factions began forming an army capable of not only defending the realm, but also decimating any that stood against it. Soon Ignis and Alsius alike will feel the wrath of the entire Syrtian nation.

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