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I completely agree there should be some form of crafting. In fact there must be some point to the items dropped by monsters, otherwise they'd just drop usables and gold. I'm willing to just wait patiently until it happens. If I do get bored again I will make sure to check the site and try the game after a few more updates.

I started playing when it first went public, and stopped shortly afterwards. Now I'm playing again and love the improvements.

I hope that when crafting is implemented we get a system that benefits the war aspect of the game. I don't want to have to spend hours making a specific character for crafting. I just want to have to grind a certain monster type until I get the drops I need, then take them to a dealer and get the items turned into nice gear.

A player to player economy would need to be implemented in order to make good use of a crafting based char. And that has no place in a war game.

Right now I'm just waiting for the wearables to get better attributes. ie. skill bonuses and stat bumps
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