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Originally Posted by makarios68
I think marksmen are underpowered.

They need stronger attacks and better defence...
Well, the "underpowerd" in true and lie.

Is true because, I found today a warlock easy to me and done attacks like 800 (golem something) , 500 around (meteor) and lighting (600 around in end), almost killed me, but I runned, and after a short time, i found him again running from people, i done Shield Piercing and I done on him 445, dmg I never done.

Is true in the armors but lie in power. (I didn't had any buff on)

Edit: I have one magic that I think or is the same thing as Caution (warriors), or is 10%+ protection better....
Edit2: so if they get more defense, they are VERY MUCH more harder to kill
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