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Originally Posted by Az. View Post
Does this mean that if we have 6 characters on one account we need to buy extra character slots on Ra?

This was answered in previous comments. No you don't have it to buy the char scroll, you can transfer them anyway. I guess technically you could now have an account with 12x chars on it even.

About the players with such loads of items. I don't understand. Me and others who might trade a lot on commerce had no problems with moving our inventory. Think most should really reconsider what kind of ''useful'' items you are still carrying around in hope that someone could use them one day. Sounds like virtual world hoarding issues. Most of of that stuff is probably not worth keeping really.

About transfer. I would like to report one thing I noticed. The items that are now bound can still be put in the clan chest, which is probably not intended to be so. (Now Hurry up and move them around before its changed jaja)
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