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Ride to initiation zone then back to agg, herb and sam lel......Didn't expect else in fact

But at least you didn't make us all go afk at momo for 1 hr.
Adding momo mask as premium would give ya more profit imo

Ps: and no, again. this event will not encourages wars, but only will leave the mentioned forts doorless ^^

EDIT: make us all go afk at momo for 2 hr, 3hr? What's the respwan time of him anyway? geezzzzzzzz

Lower it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT 2: Do not kill tigers for two days, means cannot take wm quests for two days IF you willing to complete that quest since it's still limited to 5 quests to take at once..... Will that EVER be fixed or looked at? Why the limit? Remove it at last please -.-
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