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Originally Posted by Shining-Scias View Post

The Steam release is likely to attract a lot of Linux users since there's no good native MMOs equivalents on this platform contrarly to Windows, however the game engine performs very poorly on Linux and lacks many features and quality options.
It's really time to fix it, because it's an awesome opportunity to get a lot of new players yet you still welcome them with crap like this and awful performance, especially on the Intel side (a lot of reports on the Steam hub about it).
Hmm...rainbows in gelfland, I figured that was what it normally looked like there.
On a serious note...I've seen a lot of posts and reviews that are bashing superficial things at the initiation areas. Not the best way to make a first impression, and some don't stay long enough to see the rest of the game or get used to these small bugs.
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