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Originally Posted by GIGO305
i notised somting missing no one put their new year resolutions here so ill be the first spamer to start:
1 get my conju to lvl 40 and knight to lvl 20
2 see a doctor about my adictions to castles
3 make a clan and deside on its name
4stop execive hating for enemy realms


and 1 last wish please can we not kill each other for 1 day in regnum dec25,hope you dont kill me in 08
Ah yea I forgot about that well let me write mine

1. I wanna get my hunter to 50 (I'm not saying the name but I give u a hint look for a dark lord rank from the darkside)and get him hunt ready

2. Work on seting on ts for my clan

Now some real life goals

1. Well I'm planing to start working and get my g.e.d (for ppl who don't know me well I'm a drop out haha I'm so cool=) )

And also planing todo some others things like seening my gf
lucas te estraño por q te estava q ir tan temprano.. espero q este descansando en pas amigo adios... siempre va esta en mi memoria
Originally Posted by Inkster
Lucas was truly a really great player, he may be gone, but will never be forgotten
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