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Default the new mobs need a update

Ok I been working on a hunter for the last couple of months cuz I been lazy lol. Ok but in anycase I notice that the old mobs like hyenas toltars aquantis all hit like the use to but not new mobs hit like bums. A wild panther around lvl 29 hits 100 22 50 as a lvl 27 rapid hyena can hit 180 200 almost 300 with buff. I think a lot of hunter have notice this have rather be with there old aquantis then a new mob. I think the new mobs need a attck update to make themup to date cuz they really weak
lucas te estraño por q te estava q ir tan temprano.. espero q este descansando en pas amigo adios... siempre va esta en mi memoria
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Lucas was truly a really great player, he may be gone, but will never be forgotten
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