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Originally Posted by Frosk View Post
This error seems to be produced whenever you get ko'd (this includes getting killed) when standing on any of the newest structures such as bridges or castles.
It may produce the "disappearance" of your character, the loss of sound, fps-drop or in the worst case, a sudden client crash.

This error has been reported a lot of times, and from what I know, it has already been identified and figured out.
I hope it's fixed around the time the next update or hotfix is scheduled, so from my position, I'll ask you to be patient until I get some any news on it.

Any word on the "change character" crashes? Unlike windows users, I'm staying on Linux and wouldn't use Windows if anyone paid me to switch.

My graphics drivers are updated and I run in Shader 3 (until I can spring for a better G-card) with pretty much all details as low as possible.

I used to send a ton of crash reports, enough I'm sure to convey the issue to the Devs. I'd hoped one day this would be resolved.
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