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Originally Posted by CumeriTarenes
I really think Valterbla complains not about the damage of the marks, he complains about his "weak" barb. I just read a lot of other posts from him, in almost everyone he complains about the weakness of barbs. So, why did you choose a headline that marks are overpowerd? Do you want to take powers from all classes just to get your barb stronger?
Oh dear can be some stupid people in this world..
Ok here's the thing
Would you like:
Lose Recharged Arrows
Lose Lethal Attack
Lose Death Sentense
Lose the passive of Range
Lose Ethereal Arrow (or how it is called)
Lose Lighting arrow (or how it is called)
Lose Serpent Bite
Lose The Freeze Arrow (i really dunno how it is called).

Would you like? Would you?
Oh of course..
I am a weak very bad the worse bad Barbarian in this world
Happy ups...I've forgot the rest.
Oh, wait, I've already remenber, Happy
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