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Hi, I'm Surak. You might remember me from games like Regnum Online, Invasions, Warmasters, and Champions of Regnum (?)

But seriously. I'm not part of NGD anymore but I needed to say a few words.

Today is the game's TENTH (10) (00001010) anniversary (since launch, I think it's around twelve years since the first beta)

I wanted to dedicate this anniversary to the memory of Sergio J. de los Santos, former NGD Studios programmer (between 2004 and 2012 if memory serves), colleague for many years, and a great friend. One of those you can count with only one hand. I had the luck of working with him again here in Norway for a couple of years tool. Sadly, Sergio passed away last march, because of a fucking cancer, as fucking as all the cancers are.

He didn't get involved with the community as much as I did, maybe because he was smarter (?), so maybe not all of you got to hear about him.

I can't think of a better way to honor him than to tell you:

Every visual effect.
Every shine on every armor and weapon
Every water reflection
Every shader (and shader model)
Every pixel, wherever you are, whatever you see, whomever you fight, win, or lose

ALL OF THIS was programmed by him.

Cheers, Sergio. Wherever you are. Your work still lives. We miss you.
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