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Yesterday evening was good while we was runing around Aggers trying to pick enemies. It was fun aside from us being low on numbers. I really hope we can get more numbers and be in par with other realms.

I'm not hard to kill - it is just more HP (5k currently - wait till i get my WM ammu and put some more :P) and sometimes i can survive a knock and buff some more. It is nice but the hell stop kicking me... in one fight i died because of 2 kicks, 1 balestra, 1 repost and 1 will domain. This situation feels like hmmm some old "science" German/Japanese movie? You know what i mean...

I got a really fun situation when we entered Aggers and capped it from you. Paul was hitting me like mad on wall and i tried to run. I actually died from Arc and i bet Paul was annoyed.

Goats made us die several times attacking us behind fort. It was like - the f*ck they come from!

Keep the good fights like that.
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