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Originally Posted by ieti View Post
Please return the possibility to have empty clan ranks. It was possible before but now if you change them you cannot go back to empty clan ranks, because client checks for empty string in clan ranks.
Many people treat this as an error, but the error was to allow empty clan ranks. It makes no sense at all. Anyway, I understand the desire not to show your current rank and that should be a separate option to "hide my clan rank" in the Options interface. Eventually we will do that.

Originally Posted by Deepak007 View Post
3. Can you please make the scrolling option a bit faster under the Members section of clan when a player is using the mouse scrolling button? That scroll option moves like a snail when you don't use scrolling bar.

Originally Posted by Deepak007 View Post
On a side note, what if a player has two different accounts, will they still be considered as unique players or will they be considered same player?
Yes, two accounts will always be taken into account as different users.


We uploaded a new version to Amun with several small changes, including:

- Subclass icon also shown in the Selected Target, activated with an option under Esc -> Options
- Fixed when a clan member is expelled and the information of the clan is still in the HUD.
- Fixed level number in Party List being offseted
- Rank details made easier to be read

And a few more minor fixes.

Also, to debate and check the numbers, these are the Prestige points necessary for each Clan level:

2: 300
3: 1148
4: 2706
5: 5106
6: 8460
7: 12869
8: 18425
9: 25213
10: 33313

And of course, in the future there will be more levels and more and new perks.
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