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Originally Posted by Skjringsaal View Post
Actually with the free Ximerin people started to use the flags for commerce. I'd like the third idea if the second is implemented and also restrictive actions are taken trough support system when users spam in Warmaster chat, and war beacons.

The dragons amulet is not important for me because of the Warmaster jewellry but would be cool to be able to get it with crafting. Also would be good a new amulet for mages with the return of dragon's amulet. But I don't consider this something needed to improve the game strongly.
The idea of crafting Dragon amulet such as other stuff is nice. But crafting takes ages and it's boring. So something must be done to make it more interesting although not easy. Also, concerning Dragon raids I find it ridiculous that marks is not welcome. So to craft my bow I need to lvl another class to take materials. I don't get why marks can't join and it's a matter of fact to do something about it 😁
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