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Originally Posted by V1r14 View Post
  • Mages: ~ 5,2k - 5,8k HP
  • Archers: ~ 5,2k HP
  • Barbarians: ~5,2k HP
  • Knights: ~7k HP
Off Topic

How did you get that number? It is possible, I won't say it is not... But almost no mages get that amount of HP. I'll explain myself:
Nordo... 145 hp tunic; 145 hp staff; 300 hp ammy; 250 hp both rings; 700 hp WM passive... And I reached 4940 hp.
Assuming that I could buy a snake, I would have 5240 hp.
Assuming that I could get a +7 consti gloves, +7 consti hat and +7 consti bracelet... 21 Consti x 18.45 = 387... let's make it 390.
5240 + 390 = 5630... How many conjus in the game have this HP? Once again, I'm not saying it is impossible, but I won't take it as reference. Most mages have around 4.6-5k HP.

On Topic...

Adrian already said in the Spanish forum that if you want to make any suggestion, do it in the right section... The same applies if you want to complain. Don't make him close the thread.

Answering the question "What's next?"... Well, I do hope they keep updating those useless skills so we have a wider range of skill where to choose from, and maybe the game becomes more dynamic... just don't make them so OP that we see them everywhere.. cof cof... arcane strike... cof cof... magma blast... :U

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