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Hey there! Glad to see you're enjoying Regnum.

If you have any questions about the game, or about being a conjurer, or whatever; ask away! Though I don't know if I remember how it all was when I was your lvl... ages ago. Basically, try keeping everyone alive while not dying yourself. As for the leveling, it gets much easier once you can use the skill "Ambitious Sacrifice", which will let you exchange life for mana, therefore allowing you not to rest anymore and gain XP continuously.

Good luck!

PS: What happened to you, that you liked the game immediately, is what the developers should aim for. Yours is a great example of how to get things going from the start, because you experienced an invasion. Thanks for telling us! Now, I really do hope you stick around. Leveling can be very hard, as in boring, but once you get to lvl 40 or something you can go and actually do something in war. So please, stick with us until you get there!
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