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welcome to RO and great job on picking that class conjuu powaa.. (hmm am i confusing that with something )

best way to pick up on the game (and understand it) fast is to hang out with a really chatty person/group
who will just randomly talk about that barb buff we all hate (unless we're barbs)
or how the war zone fights are going. (atleast thats how I did it, I didnt like having to ask stuff)

also using heal and regen ally lv 3 will get you some nice experience,
so once you get bored go spam syrtis chat with 'im a conju any1 want grind support?'
(best wait till lv 21 and get ambitious sacrifice from the mana tree tho ^^)

now if you'll just tell me your gelfs toon name ill be sure to steal your mana once i see you in wars >: )
Winter Wolf (hunt) Winter Mage (conju) Winter Strike (knight) Winter's Big Bro (barb)
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