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Originally Posted by Zas_ View Post
While i totally agree, NGD did it some time ago, but did they post news only on f*ceb**k, twi11er, .... recently ?

Then i may miss some news...

Imho, it is absolutely necesserary to use an automated system to post news to those various medias:
- website
- blog
- mailing list (any?)
- social networks
- GAME <--- please update your news dialog at start, or just remove it, and use the one of the launcher instead.
I suggested this many times.
I am very disapointed about.A hoard of awesome programers that are not able to waste 2 hours to make a sample script made in python or perl that post all infos from blog to website,facebook,twitter and now google+.
A bad marketing as i told before.

More places with more infos means more people that are able to see this.

NGD forget a think:"not all people love same thinks".As there is a infinite fight of Windows vs Linux vs MAC,IPhone vs Android vs Windows mobile etc...This means in world are trends.Some people hates facebook,some people hate google+,some people hate twitter,same people hate social networking.A cross platform game was best decission,but now why not cross web infos?

Blog is the best decission to be first place where they place news and infos.Blog has capabilitys of RSS.RSS(XML) can be parsed anywhere.
Even RSS with comments from blog can be parsed,and will make too look a very alive community.

Also very lack support for 3-th party developers that give for sure a hand of help.
There is no API for fan sites.
A API with build in:
-Fort status;
-War results;
-New screenshots gallery;
-a few prebuild themed sites versions.
-news and infos prebuild scripts.
A better index on search engines come from that 3-th party fan site or 3-th party developers.
Community is just droped somehow.

As a example in my case:
-I hate social networking so i use RSS recivers on my MAC i use rss widgets,on my Android phone rss reciver,on my IPhone rss recivers...but ...but...no more infos because all news and infos are just droped.
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I'd be happy if they just used the "News and Announcements" forum section instead of stacking hundreds of stickies in "General".

But anyways NGD should update its own website first. Even if newcomers hear about this game via Fb/twitter they'll have to check the main website at least to download the client and it doesn't make a good impression if it's terribly outdated like now. And so many incredibly easy things could be done to update the website, but some are really simple and fast to do like :
  • Put up-to-date screenshots in the gallery...
    Seriously, there's 3 years old screenies there. A lot of newcomers check the gallery to see about the graphics.
  • Update the roadmap
    No comment, or just delete it because atm it just shows Regnum is an abandonware.
  • Publish all the news in the main website FIRST
    The main website should be the main source of information about the game. It's really irritating having to find crucial info about the game on non-regnum related websites and useless social networks. Post info there if you want to but it must also be in the main website/forum.
    Tired of copy/paste ? There's loads of scripts to automatize posting to social networks.

Really just these 3 points would solve most of the communication issues and not make newcomers flee due to the abandoned parts of the website.

1st one takes 20 minutes, 2nd one 30 seconds... Seriously, are you that lazy NGD ?

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