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Originally Posted by LadyOfLight View Post
Ok, let's be fair. None of them are "overburdened" as you suggested. I *bought* the space, spent 20,000 xim on EACH account, which is money in YOUR pocket btw, to be able to take care of my clan!!

It's very frustrating to find that after spending 240,000 xim, just for this one thing alone on all accounts, that you cannot find it in yourself to honor what is right and fair to help me. I have more than paid for this small inconvenience to you! And that 240,000 doesn't account for the hundreds of other dollars I've spent on other things! Or what I've spent for other people, since you had taken away the ability to rent horses for so many years, I had just about every clannie asking me for xim to buy a mount, and I did that for them, just so they could play the game reasonably!

I have been playing since 2009, and it took you NINE years to finally have a resolve for clans having items!! So ya, I did what was necessary at the time! Let me also point out that back when they were created, your ticket system was absolutely terrible!! And you guys were notorious for never getting back to people. Although I'm VERY pleased to see that you have made great efforts to improve this, don't put the burden on me that ngd has been so hard to work with, and that getting even a simple question answered was next to impossible!

It's not like what I have just said is a secret, or wasn't felt by all . I too am glad you guys are finally fielding questions!

And just an FYI, not all of the accounts are low lvls. I have one of each class that are WM, and an additional conj and barb.

I still didn't get an answer as to how long Haven will be accessible.

I was only stating facts here and have meant no disrespect.

Peace out!
why don't you use the auction house? you can "sell" your items there and buy it with your main account. so u can have all your items on one char. there is noch weightlimit for items from the owl.

and sorry, but i don't think it is necessary to have 100 acc with crap items^^also in the past, it was not allowed to have 12 accounts you should glad that nod tolerates that issue.
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haven, transfer

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