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Cool Make Regnum great again.

Hello, my name is Nado and i have been playing regnum since 2009.
I have, in all respects, a lot of experience in regnum i would like to use that to make the game better again

I have some suggestions for improvement for Adrian.

1. The Dragons
I do not think it's good that the best amulet in the game is no longer available. that demotivated. In the past, you always looked forward to the kite kills. i would like to spawn the old kites again with the same loot as before.
+ Motivation for mutch players
+ Cheap prices for the lvl 50 drops (motivation for low lvl players!)
+ It fixes the problem of the few bosses a bit
+ I think its easy to let them spawn again?
- ??
2. Trade chat
It is a big problem that the trading chat on RA is not usable in the warzone, what speaks against it? sometimes you just want to sell your stuff by the way, without having to sit idly in the rich, Trading is very important in regnum. it would not bother if the Trading chat was active in the warzone as on valhalla

3. War flags
War flags should be added to the login reward, and add a 10x bundle to the ximerin shop. they are very important for controlling the mass. it would improve the game flow.

Today i saw your posting , its a great ideea !

Thanks for reading, I think if you change that regnum will get better again.

Best regards, Nado
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