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Default Haven: Transfers to Ra and Valhalla are open

Hello everyone,

As almost everyone has been requesting for a long time, we made a poll to sort out the situation in Haven due to its low population. The results were clearly in favour of transfers.

A lot of people voted, but many were inactive players or people with secondary accounts, which we made sure to exclude as we already mentioned we would in the poll itself.

There were 958 votes cast of which only 360 were deemed valid. The questions were:

1) Yes. I would like to transfer my characters to Ra server
2) Yes. I would like to transfer my characters to Valhalla server
3) No. I do not want to transfer my characters to another server
4) No. I do not want to transfer my characters under these conditions

The results were:

1) 256 (71.12%)
2) 37 (10.27%)
3) 40 (11.11%)
4) 27 (7.5%)

So, given these numbers, we decided to proceed adapting the transfer process to the current needs of Haven and the destination servers. We finished with all of this last week and now, as promised, we open transfers for all Haven users.

These are the Terms and Conditions that will have to be accepted before transferring a character:


The user accepts that transferring a character to another world will delete the character from the current world and move it to the selected destination world with minor changes that will be described in this agreement.


(a). If the character's name is in use in the destination world, it will be renamed by adding a random suffix to the original name. The characters that get renamed will receive a name change scroll after the transfer is complete.

(b). If the character isn't renamed by the user during the first week from the transfer, the character could be manually renamed by NGD Studios. The scroll will be removed one week after the transfer.


The transfer process is a complex procedure so there might be errors. The only possible claim about this kind of inconveniences is opening a Ticket in our Support system located at http://www.championsofregnum.com/support, giving detailed information of the steps the user performed and, if possible, screenshots of the error/s.


The user accepts not to perform any kind of claim besides the claim specified in point 3 of this Terms and Conditions agreement.


The destination worlds will be Ra or Valhalla.


The level of the characters must be at least 30 to be transferred, except Clan founders belonging to clans with at least 500 prestige points of experience.


All the items in the origin world's Account Stash will be lost when transferring the last character of the account in that world. The user has to make sure to move all the items to a character before transferring the last character.


The following item types will be bound to the account until 3 months of playing activity are correctly fulfilled. This means 3 months active in war, which is easy to obtain for any player independently of how much hours they can spend in the game:

All amulets
All rings
All bosses loot (IE: Alasthor Tunic, Daen-Rha Staff, etc.)
Some event items (Christmas Hats, etc.)
Magnanite items (except Magnanites or Ingots)
Legendary items
This is to avoid a direct flow of items into the destination server without the proper activity that balances out the added value.

The unbinding of these items will be automatic after the 3 months of playing activity are detected by the system.


(a) When a Clan Founder is transferred, the basic information of the clan is copied to the destination server and also a list of all the members in the original server.

(b) When a member of the Clan transfers after the Founder did as well, they will be automatically added to the Clan.

(c) When a Clan Member transfers to another world before the Clan Founder does, this Clan Member will not be assigned a Clan in the destination server and will have to ask to be recruited again.


There must be free character slots in the destination server for a transfer to be possible. Also, if characters exist in the destination server, they all must be from the same realm as the ones in the origin server. In some special cases we can make exceptions. Please contact Support for these matters.


NGD Studios reserves the right to rollback any transfer if there's the case of an error in the code that allows a transfer when it was restricted in the policies or restrictions.

To perform a transfer, you just have to go to our official website, login and go to the My Account section and then to Characters. Click on one of your characters that is in Haven and among the character details, the option to Transfer will appear. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully and in any case you get any error with the transfer, please contact Support at https://www.championsofregnum.com/support under the Accounts section.

There will surely be special cases that will require special handling from us. Just contact Support and we will see what we can do about it.

If you have any further questions, please ask them here. If you have any request, please direct it to Support and not through private messages. Thank you!

Questions :

Originally Posted by Sentan View Post
Do we have to wait 14 days to delete character?
Support can handle faster deletions. Please redirect to them any request about it.

Originally Posted by Loque View Post
If in the event some errors occur, do you have backups of our characters just in case if something going amiss and we lose the character or account?
We always have backups of everything, daily. Don't worry. Anyway, if some error arises, the transfer operation is rolled back and there should not be any change done.

Originally Posted by Pery3000 View Post
Hello Adrian. Why are Legendary items account locked?
Because we already agreed that the most important items would be bound to account temporarily. I though we all agreed that items were not important and the only important thing was to be able to transfer. Let's please avoid discussions of this type. I don't mind that some lesser items are better and can be used for commerce. This was about to "catch" the most possible without having to bind all the equipment at once.

Originally Posted by saumya View Post
About the clear of friend list, was it intended or a bug?
Intended, and also, that friendlist is incompatible in the destination server due to the character IDs and such.

Originally Posted by Carn View Post
Will the transfers be available forever, or are we only able to for a limited amount of time?
Not forever, but for now for some weeks until we see that there are no more transfers and then we will surely give a final date.

Originally Posted by Eizaix View Post
Will it count as being active for the entire account even if you play only one or two characters from like 5 on it?
It's account based. So, it doesn't matter how many characters you use. Of course, if you use more there can be more chances to be detected as active due to the variety of actions you could perform. But using one is enough.

Originally Posted by Eizaix View Post
P.S. Was bounding normal dragon weapons intended? They are not really boss drops and they are used for fuse 99% of time anyway.
Yes, it was intended. They are boss loot.

Originally Posted by Dessertpanther View Post
Will it be possible in the future to change the server for Ximerin? The current transfers cost 0 ximerin, so I asked myself the question whether there will be char transfer against xim in the future? For example from Val to Ra
We don't think we will ever charge for transfers. It was developed like that just in case, but transfers usually means there is a server going to be closed. And we have two right now.

For Valhalla we're planning to do some well planned advertising, as German users react better to it.

Originally Posted by Eizaix View Post
Syrtis farming dragon wishes on the currently abandoned Haven, if you dont count the few syrtis invading, and asking for it to be kept open longer? Interesting
We have disabled invasions in Haven.

Originally Posted by Nicotin View Post
If you transfered with WMC quests from Haven and completed them afterwards at RA, even if they had been freshly taken before moving to RA, you will not get rewarded upon completing them. It's a measly amount so I tried dropping and retaking them which fixed the quest rewards. But me and few other players have the same issue with old noble quest and I think we wouldn't be able to pick it again. If this was not intended should we wait for a fix or should we have each case handled individually by support?
We have fixed this and also fixed all the current assigned quests. About the already completed quests, yes, they will have to be handled by Support.

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