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Default Dissmissed characters

Hello i used to play Regnum a lot, when forts and monsters were still ugly, even with the wm update when a lots of players did leave the game i stayed and got 4 lvl 60 chars.
I couldnt play in the last year for some personal reasons, and now that we've all been quarantined i bought a new computer to play.
1st thing I do is to dl Ro to discover that all my chars were dissmissed because i didnt move them in time from haven to Ra.
I was told that ngd policy was that they moved every char for a whole year and that from now on there is nothing more to do.
I do undertsand your position that you kept paying a whole year for a dying server, but still i'm sure you do also understand that if someone wants to come back to play he should not have to start from the begining.(we all know very well how long it takes to get to lvl 60)
Moreover if getting the chars back is impossible i would obviously understand it instead i would have hoped for at least a little bit of consideration and help to get back to lvl 60 any xp/lvl scrolls or anything doesn't sound me unreasonable to ask for.
All i'm saying is , for a long time player, who bought xims several times, who brought many friends in the game , i think that "we can't help you" shouldnt be the answer.
Hope we will get somewhere with this and if not, it's been a pleasure to play Ro was a nice MMO even if it has it's lacks
thx for the help and have a nice day
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