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Originally Posted by Gawyn_Trakkand View Post
I said i was Sorry, I hit the character limit for christ sake and still got about 18000 characters to go.

and i'm tied between one of two endings atm maybe i'll write both and post the Alternate ending too or just say fuck it my fingers have been bleeding enough this week and leave you with just the one
Is one of the endings "And Ultimate rode towards the sunset on Herb beach" ?

Joking your writing is awesome, keep it up and make sure Alsius wins everything in the end:P
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YESSS!! I've been waiting so long for this ^_^ as you know

Great job fkr!
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O.o omg, i just realised, i thought you stopped writing when you moved to alsius gawyn ù.ù

Ofc your story is awesome, even if i am a bad guy :P ,
i am in vacation and just amusing during my afternoon reading your stories

Waiting for the end
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Ok guys i've neglected this big time and tbh i'm not too interested in finishing it i'll write the last part and let you fill in what happened.

Klutu bloodied and beaten lay just out of reach of the fallen gargantuan, Alsius in its bickering and splintered nature was destroyed he and a few wounded where all that where left.

Isemon stood above Klutu resplendant and shining fire licked the ground at his feet and lighning crackled from his eyes. It was all lost through each clans own arrogance Alsius had failed. The Monster was felled by the sacrifice of an unknown mage accompanied by the knight roofus, Roofus was captured and brutally murdered though he put up no resistance other than shouting he was there to help.

Jippy lay motionless no words of humor or smiling greeting would he ever utter again.

Enio and Rhanya dead within arms reach the wicked red spear rain impaling them in grotesque shapes.

Ultimate was propped up on his spear he charged isemon, accepting death and trying to avenge his friends.

Isemon merely clicked a finger and the great knight crumpled into flame. he spoke his voice normal though that was oddly discomforting.

"hmph admirable stupidity."

Others ran only to be struck down by spears that rained down from the sky.

Isemon grabbed klutu by the chin, and hoisted him with two fingers just below his jaw.

Klutu looked into his eyes knowing death was certain.

"You could have stopped me SoL, I could have been defeated by a man born of syrtis. Why do you think i waited for them to be destroyed? Roofus had me worried for a second but your foolish ignorant realm mates saw that an enemy was defeated."

he laughed his laugh sang with glee, Klutu felt the rage swelling up he was weapon less and his body would not obey the commands his mind sent out.

"though that ancient may have stopped me attaining unlimited power i still abosorbed enough of the vessel to make me God like."

Isemon smiled and ripped klutu in two, the blood rained down upon him and he revelled in it. Isemon turned to the land that was all him own now.

As he turned he was greated with the aura of somthing else, a man though tall just looked like any other warrior except one thing his flaming hair.
Isemon took a step back stuck with upmost fear.

"God like eh... shame you might have been a tough opponent."

"...Surakor..... you.... you're just a myth.."

Surakor smiled coyly and clenched his fist, smashing it into Isemon. Isemon flew back and into the side of a mountain it crumpled and avalanched. Changing the scenery

The dust cloud swept over surakor and another explosion reached his ears, though the dust would block a mortals view surakor could easily see Isemon robes ripped but not a scratch on his flesh.

Isemon gestured the ground split and fire poured from it the force was headed to surakor who merely leapt with speed to one side, Isemon had anticipated it and was there to meet him, fist brought into his stomach and with the other hand he brought down upon Surakor with a wave of light. It created a hole in the earth which Isemon could only assume Surakor was at the bottom of.

Isemon looked into the darkness of the hole feeling with his senses to see if anything had survived. he could not feel anything and turned in a victorious celebration.

"I have defeated even a God!"

Warmth licked at isemons back... though the warmth did not fill him inside instead it made him colder, Isemon turned to see Surakor hovering above the whole, two savage looking blades of fire in each hand his hair no longer spiked but long and tail like, a trickle of molten fire leaked from his mouth.

"congratulations, you're the only mortal to have made me bleed"

"I am not a mortal Surakor!"

Surakor laughed jovially, and struck at isemon. Isemon stepped back but his eyes widened in shock, two blades of fire appeared from his chest coming out from his back.

"...this.... this... cant be.."

Surakor smiled behind isemon mischeviously.

"oh but it is"

Surakor moved the two blades apart and they cleaved through isemons Immortal flesh he crumbled into stone pieces as he hit the floor.

Surakor turned to the destruction caused, he had hoped the mortals would not have needed his intervention in this and proved their strength of unity, Alas Surakors dream of every clan working together and fighting the war for the good of each others realm was not realised.

Lightning struck around him as the light faded the other Gods stood there looking at the mess, Kailer, Chilko and Ponter. All saddened by the mess.

"the world we created is tearing itself apart."

Surak nodded in agreement with Chilko.

"we need to reset it, restore the lives of those lost."

Chilko, sighed

"we have little resources to do that."

Surakor stepped forward.

"we dont have a choice Chilko."

"very... well.... which of us shall offer our energy to put this right."

Ponter stepped forward and nodded. Chilko placed outstretched palm onto his chest and started a chant...

The pieces of isemons fallen form rattled. Surakor placed a hand on Chilkos arm pointing a puzzled look at Isemons remains. The four Gods turned and looked as the pieces fit themselves back togeter and soon an elven form stood made of white marble. The colour leaked back into the form and Isemon gasped. He turned and lashed out at the Gods.

Ponter the God of knights waved his hand and blows of unseen force merely glanced off a sheild around them. Kailer advanced on Isemon and Isemon went to strike the dwarven God, his fist merely caught in his grasp. Kailer spoke in his booming voice.

"Do you think his energy will do?"

Chilko pondered running a hand through his hair.

"Only one way to find out..."

Isemon tried to wrench free of Kailers grip to no avail Surakor grabbed his other arm and held him there. Isemon writhed as Chilko approached hand outstetched chanting words of a language alien to his ears.


"you are indeed correct Isemon but i can feed you immortal energy into this world."

Isemon screamed now. His voice quaking the mountains and boiling the seas.

Chilkos palm touched isemons chest and white light consumed him it left his body in waves along the floor grass growing trees sprouting as it did. Rocks pieced themself back into the mountain side and life grew back to the places that had it burnt away.

"ressurect the dead Surakor, and hope they learn a lesson from this."

Isemons corpse fell to the ground limp mortal and lifeless...
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All I can say is -WOW- That was a great ending to a great story!!!
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Originally Posted by Gawyn_Trakkand View Post
..Soul devourer...
soul monger... *cough*

Originally Posted by Gawyn_Trakkand View Post
Isemon pushed the final rune stone into the column and starting laughing to himself, another laugh echoed his and his eyes shone with blue light. Isemon threw his head back and a beam of light shone from his mouth punching a hole through the top of the cavern. water rushed in and filled the Cavern quickly, still Isemon laughed.
'Your souls are mine!'
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This is a timely necro, these really brimg back some good memories. Nice to see them again after so many years
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